The est Graduate Participation Program

“est didn’t come out of the world. est originated out of an experience – it continues solely on experience – and it ought to be evaluated on experience.

“It is true that est is coming more and more into the world which is great because that’s where the game is. If you have something to contribute, and every person does, the place you can contribute it is into the world.

“To participate means to share your experience with other beings and for other people to share their experience with you. And experience is about having space and room and some sense of mastery and power in the world; not some sense of fun or good times, but a sense of it being fun and a sense of your own well-being.

“The real purpose of est is to create space for people to participate in life – to experience true space and freedom in life. The most important on-going programs in est are programs of participation.”

– Werner Erhard – 1981

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  1. j.r. bentley on

    dear fellow EST/Forum graduates; I am so gratefull for the enormous contributions that I have received from Werner and you. My life story is complete for me in a way that I could not have known without the incredible experiences I have lived during and since those seminars. I am a student of history and I marvel at the thought that I had the priviledge of participating with Werner, his staft and you at this point in our universe. The world’s appearence and fact has been forever altered, I pray. I humbly thank everyone for making my transubstantion real and profound. I find myself found…..not lost in this unfathomable, infinite universe. I love all of you….forever. j.r.

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