What did you create out of the est Training?

The following appears in a post in response to the question, “What did you create out of the est Training?” on http://www.erhardseminarstraining.com :

Awakening to Alivenenss by David Hallmark  http://davidhallmark.blogspot.com/

Although it has been 32 years since I completed my own est Training in July 1977, I still very much carry in me the experience of “aliveness” which I describe as “a condition or state of being alive, such that I am fully present and participating in any given moment of life without the patterns of judgment, emotion or other blocks to that state of being exactly whom I am and exactly who I am not.”
Being awake to my “aliveness” requires that I look within to discover my “shadow”, described by the late Swiss psychologist, C. G. Jung, as “everything in us that is unconscious, repressed, undeveloped and denied.” Outof my experience of “aliveness” and “shadow”, I am now publishing a Blog “AWAKENING to ALIVENESS” at the website listed above which acknowledges Werner and the Training as a profound contribution to my life and more importantly, to my experience of being alive. Werner listening to someone sharing

Werner listening to a participant  sharing

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