Werner Erhard Photo Experience

Early flyer of the est training and Werner Erhard

est Reunion website

A reunion for all the people who dared to create a new possibility for themselves and their lives.

It is now the 21st Century and there is much talk of possibility and transformational leadership – but where did this all start?

In 1971, in a hotel ballroom in San Francisco over 35 years ago, transformation burst on to the national stage. Werner Erhard and his est Training brought to the forefront the ideas of transformation, personal responsibility, accountability, and possibility – and over the next decade, over a million people “Got it”.

Erhard Seminars Training (est) was as much a sign of the times as bell bottoms, peace rallies and space travel.

Over the years, more than two million people from all walks of life participated in est or the programs that grew out of Erhard Seminars Training. Professionals and leaders from government, business and health industries, as well as people in the fields of arts and entertainment actively participated in the programs of est.

Enjoy the essence of what est created and the impact it has made on society through the archives, video and vivid shares at Stand up and acknowledge how you have made a difference in this world out of having participated in the est Training. Celebrate in this moving tribute to the est Training, Werner Erhard and you.

Werner Erhard and the est Training

Werner Erhard Photo Experience

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  1. Mani Subramanian on

    I long for those twin weekend days of EST in February of 1981 in BOMBAY,India. I vividly remember the name of the person who introduced me to est. I now live in the Boston area. Plesae let me know if there are est reunions or any events associated with est are scheduled to be held.

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