Current Work of Werner Erhard

Werner Erhard has recently been at work on writing a New Paradigm of Individual, Group and Organizational Performance in collaboration with Professor Michael C. Jensen Ph.D.  The following text is the abstract found at Social Sciences Research Network:

The current model of performance, while having produced many improvements in performance during its 100 year reign, has been essentially exhausted leaving in its wake little more than a labyrinth of explanations for human performance. Given that models are constrained and shaped by the paradigm from within which they are generated, a truly new model of performance would require a new paradigm of performance.

Our new model of performance (a part of our new paradigm of performance), rather than adding more explanations for why people do what they do and why they don’t do what they don’t do, provides actionable access to the source of performance. This actionable access to the source of performance opens up a new realm of opportunity for study and research, and for new and more effective interventions, applications, and practices for improving individual, group, and organizational performance.

You can read more about Werner Erhard’s current work at the Werner Erhard Website and at Werner Erhard‘s author page at SSRN

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