“Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness”

In her blog, Life By Design, Alison Elliot talks about doing the est Training in 1973:  “I was entering my mid 20′s and took a 70’s style leap of faith.  Actually I did the equivalent of, what in my mother’s day would have been as crazy as, joining the circus – I took the est Training. For those readers who don’t follow, let me explain.  estor Erhard Seminars Trainings – also translated as “to be”  (now Landmark Education) was started by Werner Erhard in 1971. The est Training offered ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting opportunity for human potential development… History will likely remember Werner as an important 20th century self realization  artisan who’s work shifted the paradigm for personal and global transformation. – Today we are standing on the shoulders of all this greatness. “Werner Erhard in 2009

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