Werner Erhard’s Impact

One of my Heroes is Werner Erhard writes Linda Holt, a current blogger on the internet.  She calls Werner Erhard one of the most brilliant thinkers and social innovators of our time and states that his work continues to impact the world. Here is her favorite quote by Werner Erhard:  “The possibility to create the context in which people’s lives really matter is undoubtedly the most profound opportunity available to anyone, ever.”  This possibility is available to us all.

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  1. Josh Sarver on

    Werner’s impact has been profound. It can be seen in the thousands who continue his work, the evolution of our understanding of leadership and organizational systems, and in the very language we speak.

    Although I’m 26, I’ve been very lucky to work with a number of people who have internalized the training, and the effect the principles have had on my life inspires me every day.

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