Peter Block on Werner Erhard

“What’s caught me lately is the notion that the future is caused by imagination. An imagination of the life causes a leading of the life, rather than the leading of the life causes my way of thinking. And I just know it’s powerful, I never quite know how to get at it. I like the language of possibility. ‘Cause it’s hard. It’s the possibility I’m living into…A lot of this stuff I got from Werner Erhard’s stuff with est, you probably recognize it… But the idea that if I hold a possibility, or a future, of the way I want the world to be, then I bring that into the room with me every time I show up. I don’t have to work on it… it works on me. Now that to me is beautiful.”   – Peter Block

READ THE KEYNOTE ADDRESS “Servant-Leadership: Creating an Alternative Future”, A Keynote Address by Peter Block, 2005 International Servant- Leadership Conference, Indianapolis, Indiana

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