Research on the Benefits of The est Training

Several research studies point to the benefits of the est training.

Behaviordyne (1973)  reports various Psychological Improvements:

In 1972 Behaviordyne, an  independent research firm, conducted psychological studies to determine the psychological impact of the est training and how long it lasted.  The 227 persons participating in the July 1972 est training were the experimental subjects for the study.  Prior to taking the training, the subjects were administered the California Psychological Inventory (CPI), consisting of 480 items, measuring 141 psychological dimensions.  The CPI is a widely researched and respected measurement of effective behavior.

The researchers summarized their findings as follows:

1) The overriding findings of the study was that measurable changes in personality occur as a result of the est training

2) These changes continue to manifest themselves three months after the training has ended.

3) More changes were noted for the female participant, than for the male in the study.

4) The psychological picture that emerges is that of a happier and psychologically sounder person.

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