‘Integrity’, leadership, communication and performance

In his well written essay on customer relations, blogger Maz Iqbal writes about the relationship between integrity, communication and performance.  He writes (and quotes Werner Erhard):

Werner Erhard has done great work on ‘Integrity’ and I cannot explain it any better than he has written it.  So I am going to use his words (I hope that is ok with you Werner and I thank you for putting this into the world):

“What would your life be like, and what would your performance be, if it were true that:

You have done what you said you would do and you did it on time.

You have done what you know to do, you did it the way it was meant to be done, and you did it on time.

You have done what others would expect you to do, even if you never said you would do it, and you did it on time, or you have informed them that you will not meet their expectations.

And you have informed others of your expectations for them and have made explicit requests to those others.

And whenever you realised that you were not going to do any of the foregoing, or not going to do it on time:

You have said so to everyone who might be impacted, and you did so as soon as you realised that you wouldn’t be doing it, or wouldn’t be doing it on time, and

If you were going to be do it in the future you have said by when you would do it, and

You have dealt with the consequences of not doing it on time, or not doing at all, for all those who are impacted by your not doing it on time, or not doing it at all.

In a sentence, you have done what you said you would do or you have said you are not doing it; you have nothing hidden, you are truthful, forthright, straight and honest.  And you have cleaned up any mess you have caused for those depending on your word.

And almost unimaginable: what if others operated this way with you?”

Read Maz Iqbal’s post

2 comments so far

  1. Maz Iqbal on

    Thank you for making Werner’s work more widely available. Werner has not got a ‘good deal’ out of the American press AND there are those of us who love Werner even if we have never met him – including me!

    With love

  2. Mark Skovron on

    Someone, please rush this to every member of the U.S. Congress.
    Seriously, as someone who’s life changed, when I was fortunate to be coached and be led [in seminars] by Werner himself, I now get to live and share a life of miracles.

    Thank you for your post and for your work. It has more impact than you know.

    Mark Skovron

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