The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project, an international grassroots organization, dedicated itself to the end of hunger in the world. Praised for its effectiveness by world leaders and authorities on dealing with the persistence of hunger, the United Nations Economic and Social Council roster recognizes the continuing work of the Hunger Project to create the sustainable end of world hunger.

A 1978 edition of Mother Earth News looked at Werner Erhard’s  campaign to raise national — and ultimately world — consciousness through his training sessions.  The Hunger Project was initiated in the spring of 1977  and by 1978 there were over 70,000 individuals in 29 different countries (est graduates and non-graduates alike) participating.

“I’m not an expert on hunger and starvation,” Erhard began. “The little bit of knowledge I’ve acquired in four years of study is small compared to the knowledge of the true world hunger authorities I’ve worked with, like Buckminster Fuller or Roy Prosterman. But I can see that — precisely because the impact of starvation on all our lives is so great — its existence is actually an opportunity … to get beyond merely defending what we have, beyond the futility of self-interest, beyond the hopelessness of clinging to opinions and making gestures.”

“In fact, in experiencing the truth underlying hunger, one comes to realize that the ordinarily unnoticed laws that determine the existence of hunger on this planet are precisely the laws that keep the world from working. And the principles of the end of hunger in the world are the very principles necessary to make the world work.”

Werner tells audiences that sometime soon “some opportunity to do something to end starvation on the planet will cross your path.” And he urges that everyone open his or her eyes to the variety of actions that can be taken … by contributing time, or supporting those who are directly involved in the cause, or fasting one day each month, or working with other anti-hunger organizations, or offering his or her own skills and knowledge to starving people.

“Soon there will be over 100,000 people enrolled in The Hunger Project … people committed to causing the end of hunger and starvation in two decades,” Werner declares. “We have no idea what a group of 100,000 aligned people can do, and I say that any attempt to predict it limits it. So I only predict miracles.

“Twenty years from now, when we’re looking back at how hunger and starvation ended, It won’t look as if miracles happened. Everyone will know how it happened. They’ll point to events that were pivotal, that made a difference. There will appear to be an obvious relationship between what was done and the logical consequences of what was done. The weather got better … there were bigger crops … this government changed … the president said that … the government did this … and it all resulted in the end of starvation on the planet. In retrospect, that’s how miracles always appear to happen.”

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