The Hunger Project

The Hunger Project is a grassroots organization that was first formed in 1977 to generate global awareness about chronic persistent hunger and build a consensus to bring about its end.  Lynne Twist  says, ” Werner Erhard is a great thinker and genius in ontology, in the ontology of being, and training people in the principles of transformation… Out of a series of conversations with Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard, something called the Hunger Project was born. They actually saw that the greatest breakdown in human integrity was hunger.  To let millions of people die of hunger in a world awash with food was an integrity issue, not a food issue and not a political issue, but an integrity issue. Out of that, this remarkable project called the Hunger Project was born with help from John Denver, the great singer/songwriter, and others. It was first launched through the EST graduate body, of which I was one. “

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  1. Alaina Warren Zachary on

    And happily, some of us who performed on Broadway with the late, extraordinary Raul Julia raised funds by appearing in benefits which he created. I remember singing “Sensations” written by Wally Harper who was Barbara Cook’s accompanist for so many years.

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