Werner Erhard’s Ideas

The programs and work of Werner Erhard focused on personal responsibility, integrity and leadership.  Werner Erhard was influenced by a collection of the times and circumstances, including the 60’s, the turn of a decade, and an immersion in such great philosophers as Wittgenstein and Heidegger. Werner Erhard’s ideas and his ability to share these ideas were and remain uniquely his own.  As with many new ideas, paradigms or thinkers, we try to answer the question: where did the ideas come from?  Mostly the answers can only be attributed to an individual with an original thought and an effective way of conveying it to people and organizations such that those people and organizations have access to a new paradigm.  This is certainly the case with Werner Erhard.

The 60’s had an entire generation looking for answers.  In pursuit of change and breakthrough thinking Werner Erhard developed as an original thinker. Werner Erhard, in search of answers, explored the writings of the philosophers Wittgenstein, Heidegger and Husserl and was profoundly moved by his own Episcopalian religion and the teachings of Zen. However Werner Erhard’s ideas and programs are not religious in nature and do not form any religious thought or contain any belief system.

After more than 40 years many of Werner Erhard’s ideas, as well as the many people who have built something from Werner Erhard’s notion of transformation, have become a part of society’s thinking and culture across the globe.



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