The est Training

“The real purpose of est was to create space for people to participate in life – to experience true space and freedom in life.”

Werner Erhard


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  1. Mani Subramanian on

    I did the est training FEB 4-5, 11-12 1981 in Bombay India,. My training leader was Hal Isen. What a great experience that was? Guys, do you remember the “danger process? I also met David Fisher, John McNamara, Laurel Sheaf, Werner Erhard, Jinendra Jain and Angel De Ameilo. This is one meeting I remember vividly. I wish they would recreate the est training. I now live in the Boston area. Does anyone know if they are having a est reunion somewhere? I know they had one in Hawaii a couple of years ago. Please feel free to contact me – My email address is

  2. Mani Subramanian on

    Sorry I have couple of typos above. does anyone know how I can to edit my comments ?

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