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Werner Erhard Video 2016

Werner Erhard and Professor Jonathan D. Moreno discuss Werner’s ideas, the est Training, and more at the University of Pennsylvania in April 2016 where the film Transformation: The Life and Legacy of Werner Erhard was featured in their First Annual Bioethics Film Festival.  Watch the full discussion between Werner Erhard and Jonathan D. Moreno:

The New York Times

“For several years before his latest professional reincarnation, Mr. Erhard consulted for businesses and government agencies like the Russian adult-education program the Znaniye Society and a nonprofit organization supporting clergy in Ireland.

Enter the Harvard economist Michael Jensen. Dr. Jensen, who is famous in financial circles for championing the concepts of shareholder value and executive stock options, had taken a Landmark course in Boston at the suggestion of his daughter, who mended a rocky relationship with Dr. Jensen after taking the course herself.

“I became convinced we should work to get this kind of transformational material into the academies,” he said, adding that he considers Mr. Erhard “one of the great intellectuals of the century.”

Interview in The New York Times, November 29, 2015: “He had traveled with his Dutch-born third wife, Gonneke Spits, from Toronto to see friends, do a little business and visit his favorite chiropractor and tailor. He was also in the city to meet with a reporter — virtually the only press he has done in more than two decades.”

Modelos y Aplicaciones Transformacionales

Werner Erhard ha creado modelos y aplicaciones transformacionales para individuos y organizaciones durante más de 40 años. Werner Erhard es considerado un importante pensador en grupos académicos y corporativos y actualmente se ocupa de un examen y presentación rigurosa de sus ideas. Como creador de modelos, provee nuevos paradigmas a pensadores y practicantes en campos tan diversos como la filosofía, la administración, la educación, la psicoterapia, el desarrollo en el tercer mundo, la medicina, la resolución de conflictos y la creación de comunidades. Werner Erhard ha disertado en universidades y escuelas como la Harvard University, La Universidad de Rochester, Erasmus Academie, Universidad del Sur de California, y la Escuela de Administración Sloan de MIT.

Werner Erhard at NBER

 Working Paper by Werner Erhard and Michael C Jensen available at the National Bureau of Economic Research: Putting Integrity Into Finance: A Purely Positive Approach

The seemingly never ending scandals in the world of finance with their damaging effects on value and human welfare (that continue unabated in spite of all the various efforts to curtail the behavior that results in those scandals) argues strongly for an addition to the current paradigm of financial economics. We summarize here our new theory of integrity that reveals integrity as a purely positive phenomenon with no normative aspects whatsoever. Adding integrity as a positive phenomenon to the paradigm of financial economics provides actionable access (rather than mere explanation with no access) to the source of the behavior that has resulted in those damaging effects on value and human welfare, thereby significantly reducing that behavior. More generally we argue that this addition to the paradigm of financial economics can create significant increases in economic efficiency and productivity.

Werner Erhard and Michael C. Jensen – 2014 Sands Leadership Lecture Series

“Professor Michael Jensen and Werner Erhard, two extraordinary thinkers, engage in a conversation that explores groundbreaking access to being a leader and to the effective exercise of leadership as one’s natural self-expression.” -Simon Business School, University of Rochester

Creating Leaders

The being of being a leader and the actions of the effective exercise of leadership can be accessed, researched, and taught either:

1) as being and action are observed and commented on “from the stands”, specifically as these are observed by someone, and then described, interpreted and explained (third-person theory of), or

2) as being and action are actually experienced “on the court”, specifically as these are actually lived (real-time first-person experience of). As a formal discipline, the “on the court” method of accessing being and action (that is, as being and action are actually lived) is named phenomenology.

In short, an epistemological mastery of a subject leaves one knowing.
An ontological mastery of a subject leaves one being.

excerpt from Creating Leaders: An Ontological/Phenomenological Model found on Werner Erhard’s Ideas on Facebook


Werner Erhard Speaks at Harvard

Werner Erhard speaks to Kennedy School students on his latest work: “Why We Do What We Do: A New Model Providing Actionable Access to the Source of Performance.”   Find out more at the Werner Erhard & est Training website

Top 10 CPL Videos of 2010: Harvard University Kennedy School of Leadership

Top 10 CPL Videos of 2010: Harvard University Kennedy School of Leadership

The Harvard University Center for Public Leadership announced their top ten videos of  2010.  With 21,763 views, Werner Erhard speaks to Kennedy School students was their second most viewed video of the year.  The Center for Public Leadership posts their videos, including archived footage from a decade of leadership events, speeches, and interviews—on their YouTube channel.

The Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership is committed to advancing the frontiers of knowledge about leadership through teaching and research and deepening the pool of leaders for the common good through cocurricular activities that include skill-building workshops, fellowships, and classes in leadership for social change.

Werner Erhard Photograph

Werner Erhard 2010

In November 2010 Werner Erhard delivered presentations in Mumbai and New Delhi on the topic of Mastery and led a course on Leadership to business executives in Panchgani India under the sponsorship of MW Corporation.  View the full slide show

Werner Erhard – India, November 2010

In November 2010 “An Evening with Werner Erhard: On Mastery” was presented to over two thousand people in New Delhi and in Mumbai.  As the blogger Prashanth Udupa, wrote, “When Werner came on to the stage, the audience gave him a standing ovation – for about 90 seconds. The sound from the applause was almost deafening. Werner graciously took in all the applause and set out to create for us the topic of his talk – Mastery in life.”

Also in November, in Panchgani India, Werner Erhard led the high level course, “Leadership: An Ontological Model” for many of India’s leading executives. Presented by the IC Centre for Governance, under the sponsorship of MW Corp (a billion dollar textile and energy company), the course was designed to “give access to the ways of being, thinking, planning, and action required to be a leader and to exercise leadership effectively.  It is specifically designed to provide participants with the tools needed to achieve significant breakthroughs in their professional and personal lives – in any environment, no matter what the circumstances.”  The co-faculty for the course were Michael C. Jensen, Steve Zaffron, and Kari Granger.