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est Graduates shaping history

Did you know that there is a website for est graduates to connect and share what they got from the est Training? Here is what it says at

“A reunion for you and all the people who dared to create a new possibility for themselves and their lives. It is now the 21st Century and there is much talk of possibility and transformational leadership – but where did this all start? In 1971, in a hotel ballroom in San Francisco over 35 years ago, transformation burst onto the national stage.

Werner Erhard and the est Training brought to the forefront the ideas of transformation, personal responsibility, accountability, and possibility – and over the next decade, over a million people “Got it”. The est Training was as much a sign of the times as bell bottoms, peace rallies and space travel.

Over the years, more than two million people from all walks of life participated in est or the programs that grew out of Erhard Seminars Training. Professionals and leaders from government, business and health industries, as well as people in the fields of arts and entertainment actively participated in the programs of est. Enjoy the essence of what est created and the impact it has made on society through the archives, video and vivid shares on this site. Stand up and acknowledge how you have made a difference in this world out of having participated in the est Training. Celebrate in this tribute to the est Training, Werner Erhard and you.”

What about you?  What did you create for your life out of having done the est Training?  And what of those lessons learned can we bring forth today that might make a difference to how the world is going?

The est Training – by Werner Erhard

“Fundamentally, the est training is an occasion in which participants have an experience, uniquely their own, in a situation which enables and encourages them to do that fully and responsibly. I am suggesting that the best way to learn about est is to look into yourself, because whatever est is about is in your self. There are some who think that I have discovered something that other people ought to know. That is not so. What I have discovered is that people know things that they do not know that they know, the knowing of which can nurture them and satisfy them and allow them to experience an expanded sense of aliveness in their lives. The training is an occasion for them to have that experience – to get in touch with what they actually already know but are not really aware of.

“The training is about the experience of love, the ability to love and the ability to experience being loved, not the concept or story of it – and it is about the experience of happiness, and the ability to be happy and share happiness, not the concept, story or symbols of it. In short, the training is about who we are, not what we do, or what we have, or what we do not do or do not have. It is about the self as the self, not merely the story or symbols of self.” – From The est Standard Training, by Werner Erhard and Victor Gioscia, 1977

You Can’t ‘Apply’ The Training

Article from a 1978 Graduate Review, “Viewpoint: You Can’t ‘Apply’ The est Training.

…When I became a department chairman, shortly after taking the est training, I knew that what I had learned in the training could be applied to academic administration. Every time I tried to apply something however, it didn’t work. I would make a policy of open communication, for example. No good. At the same time, I noticed that whenever I simply did what seemed appropriate – just having open communication, say, without the policy – it worked beautifully. I was enjoying the job and being acknowledged as a good administrator.
Eventually it dawned on me that perhaps Werner had meant it when he said that the experience of the training wasn’t about “things.” It was about context and the experience of Self. I noticed that I had been trying to convert my experience of the training into things of substance: techniques, ideas, beliefs, philosophies, etc…  read more at

The est Training

The est Training

The est Training

Lynne Twist

Everybody has milestones and epiphanies. Mine came in the EST training which I took in 1974 with Werner Erhard. It just revolutionized my life. I really came to understand that I could turn my life over to making a difference. That experience led me to be in the right place at the right time when The Hunger Project was born. I heard Werner Erhard say for the first time at a big meeting that he was taking a stand to end world hunger. My whole body started to shake, and I knew that that was why I was born, that that was what I came here to do. It was impractical because I was a very busy young mother, but it was a calling so remarkable that I could not deny it, and so I went with it. That’s what the EST training did for me; What was almost a split personality, between my spiritual path and my more public path, became one. I became fearless about living authentically after the EST training. Then The Hunger Project gave me the platform to express it.

Werner Erhard is a great thinker and genius in ontology, in the ontology of being, and training people in the principles of transformation. Buckminster Fuller was a great scientist and was one of the first people to really see a long-term breakdown that would come from unsustainable practices. He was an incredible man. When they met each other, they met in a setting and in a context that we helped to create, where they actually saw themselves in one another and saw a new future.

Out of that series of conversations with Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard, something called the Hunger Project was born. They actually saw that the greatest breakdown in human integrity was hunger. To let millions of people die of hunger in a world awash with food was an integrity issue, not a food issue and not a political issue, but an integrity issue.”

From an Interview with Lynne Twist
Lynne Twist, Soul of Money Institute, acknowledges her work with Werner Erhard in an inspiring interview.

Dealing With Upsets in Life

We’ve all had to deal with difficult people  – sometimes they are a tyrannical boss or maybe a scheming coworker. And we have all have faced difficult situations – perhaps losing a job,  having a child who is having difficulty at school, or losing a loved one. How we deal with it says a lot about who we are. The author of this article offers suggestions on how to deal with upset, as well as including this video from a 1973 episode of  The Tonight Show with Werner Erhard and John Denver modeling it for us.  Read more at the blog post at Life Sutra.

“Standing on the Shoulders of Greatness”

In her blog, Life By Design, Alison Elliot talks about doing the est Training in 1973:  “I was entering my mid 20′s and took a 70’s style leap of faith.  Actually I did the equivalent of, what in my mother’s day would have been as crazy as, joining the circus – I took the est Training. For those readers who don’t follow, let me explain.  estor Erhard Seminars Trainings – also translated as “to be”  (now Landmark Education) was started by Werner Erhard in 1971. The est Training offered ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting opportunity for human potential development… History will likely remember Werner as an important 20th century self realization  artisan who’s work shifted the paradigm for personal and global transformation. – Today we are standing on the shoulders of all this greatness. “Werner Erhard in 2009

Werner Erhard and Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller and Werner Erhard were introduced by Bucky’s grandson, Jaime Snyder, who had taken the est training and felt that a relationship between the two would nurture both. That is what has happened. Werner Erhard asked Bucky to share himself with a group of est graduates and friends in September 1976, and the result was “Conversations with Buckminster Fuller,” sponsored by The Werner Erhard (est) Foundation at Town Hall in New York, where Werner Erhard and Jaime were on stage with Buckminster Fuller for a day. Bucky accepted Werner Erhard‘s invitation to engage in another day of “Conversations” with him and Jaime in San Francisco and then in Los Angeles and Hawaii.  Read the Full Article at the Werner Erhard Foundation Website.

History of The est Training


  • In June Werner Erhard had a realization about the nature of being…
  • And in October that realization manifested into the est Training. Werner Erhard first led the est Training in San Francisco at the Jack Tar Hotel and the world of possibility was born.
  • Laurel Sheaf named as president and CEO of est
  • First est office, 2nd floor on Kearney Street in San Francisco
  • Original est staff members included Werner Erhard, Gonneke Spits, Laurel Scheaf, Jack Rafferty and Elaine Cronin
  • While only about 600 people participated in est Training by the end of 1971, it was the beginning of a movement. The beginning of people getting that what is, is and what isn’t, isn’t and you are responsible for your life. People took on making a difference in their lives, their community and the world.  Continue reading

Werner Erhard Photograph

Werner Erhard 2010

In November 2010 Werner Erhard delivered presentations in Mumbai and New Delhi on the topic of Mastery and led a course on Leadership to business executives in Panchgani India under the sponsorship of MW Corporation.  View the full slide show