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History of The est Training


  • In June Werner Erhard had a realization about the nature of being…
  • And in October that realization manifested into the est Training. Werner Erhard first led the est Training in San Francisco at the Jack Tar Hotel and the world of possibility was born.
  • Laurel Sheaf named as president and CEO of est
  • First est office, 2nd floor on Kearney Street in San Francisco
  • Original est staff members included Werner Erhard, Gonneke Spits, Laurel Scheaf, Jack Rafferty and Elaine Cronin
  • While only about 600 people participated in est Training by the end of 1971, it was the beginning of a movement. The beginning of people getting that what is, is and what isn’t, isn’t and you are responsible for your life. People took on making a difference in their lives, their community and the world.  Continue reading

Werner Erhard & Associates, A Brief Look, 1982, Part 1

This is a short film that was made in 1982 about The est Training that took place between 1971- 1984.  This video features Werner Erhard and others discussing The est Training.